kianan: I spent my entire childhood wishing that I was older now I'm older and this shit sucks (graffiti older)

the road…

the road is long and the end is death, if we're lucky

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Name:Kianan Rowan Abrams
Trying to post more, I can't guarantee I'll succeed. Just walking through this world trying to find myself and who we want to be.

Remember, it doesn't really matter at the end of the night anyway…

• I'm queer/genderqueer
• my pronouns are he/him or they/them
• allergic to extremism and bigotry of any sort
• this is a tolerant space
• I have a dark sense of humour
• I don't always pick up on subtleties especially in text

Interests (198):

#dw, 42, agents of shield, ai, alternate realities, ancestor worship, androgyny, animal bones, animism, art, artificial intelligence, astral projection, bdsm, bees, birds of prey, black and white photography, bonfires, buddhism, california, candles, captain picard, cats, celtic mythology, celtic reconstructionism, cerridwen, change, chaos, charles de lint, choice, cloak and dagger, coffee, cognitive dissonance, coloring books, conlangs, cooperation, corvidae, coyote, creativity, crows, dancing, death, devotional practice, doctor who, dr who, dreams, dreamwalk, dreamwork, drop spindle, druidry, duct tape, eccentricity, elsewhere, elseworlds, energy work, faire, falling leaves, fiber arts, firefly, free speech, ftm, geek feminism, gender, gender dysphoria, genderqueer, handmade stuff, hawk, historical reenactment, honesty, imagination, imperfection, insanity, introspection, irish myth, joan of arc, know thyself, labor rights, labyrinths, languages, learning, leave no trace, ley lines, libraries, loki, lost technology, machine empathy, madness, magic, masochism, memories, mental health, museums, myth, mythology, neurodiversity, neuropsychology, non-conformity, nonconformity, norse mythology, oathbound, obsessions, occult, occultism, ogham, old guard, oracles, oral tradition, otherworld, pain, penknives, pens, perception, performance, performing, plurality, poetry, polyamory, prayer beads, priestrcraft, progressive overload, protocol, psychology, ptsd, public transit, queer theory, raven, ravens, reading, religion, religions, renaissance faire, riddles, ritual, robert frost, runes, sacred places, sacrifice, sanctuary, sarcasm, sci-fi, science fiction, scifi, secrets, serenity, service, sexuality, shamanism, shapeshifters, shifting, simplicity, snark, southern california renaissance faire, spooky foo, star trek, steampunk, storms, street theatre, sympathetic magic, synaesthesia, synesthesia, taking pictures, taliesin, tarot cards, tea, teamsters, technomancy, technopaganism, telepathy, terry pratchett, the hidden folk, theology, theories, there is no spoon, thunderstorms, training, transgender, travel, trickster, tricksters, trust, underhill, understanding, unions, urban paganism, used book stores, voluntary servitude, voluntary simplicity, walking between the worlds, weirdness, white stag, wild hunt, wit, wordplay, words, workers rights, worldchanging, writing, wyrm, x-men
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